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Day trip to Belogorka


Season: May – October

Location: Kyrgyzstan, Sokuluk gorge

Duration: 1 day

Sokuluk gorge is differ from mentioned earlier gorges and  it strakes by canyon’s scale. There are a lot of high rocks and abundance springs on slopes. Belogorsky waterfall is a pride of the gorge, water  falls from height of 60 m and it is splashes spread by 200m.  Everyone able to reach this waterfall, hiking distance from the road is 3 km.

Sokuluk gorge located in 75km far from Bishkek higher of Sokuluk village, it is better to drive here by 4wd jeeps.

We offer to make one day trip Belogorsky waterfall and if you would like we continue further hiking  upper to the gorge.

Group of 2-3 people – USD 70 per person

Group of 3-8 people – USD 50 per person

Group of 10-15 people – USD 25 per person

Group of 20-25 people – USD 15 per person

Price includes the following service:

– Local English speaking Guide

– Transportation: for group of 1-2 persons – Car (3 seats),   for group 3-10 people – minibus, for bigger group – coach. 

– Lunch-box

Price does not include :

Lunch / Dinner in Bishkek – average USD 8-15 per person