Registration at the Passport Department

Foreign tourists (not included in the visa-free program) who stay in Kyrgyzstan 5 business days or more must register their passports at the local passport department. Failure do so may cause difficulties at the time of departure from Kyrgyzstan.

Some travellers are free of registration during their first 60 days of staying in the country (30 days for citizens of Turkey and Malaysia):

  • Citizens of countries included in the visa-free program for 30 or 60 days, or for an entire duration time if they stay the full 30 or 60 days
  • Citizens of Russia and Kazakhstan are free of registration for the first 90 days

Kyrgyzstan has a visa-free program for citizens of the following countries for 60 days unless otherwise specified:

Armenia (for unlimited time) France Malaysia (for 30 days) Slovenia
Australia Georgia (for unlimited time) Malta South Korea
Austria Germany Moldova (for unlimited time) Spain
Azerbaijan (for unlimited time) Greece Monaco Switzerland
Bahrain Hungary Mongolia (for 90 days) Sweden
Belarus (for unlimited time) Iceland New Zealand Tajikistan
Belgium Ireland North Korea (for unlimited time) The Netherlands
Bosnia and Herzegovina Italy Norway Turkey (for 30 days)
Brunei Japan (for unlimited time) Poland Ukraine (for 90 days)
Canada Kazakhstan (for unlimited time) Portugal USA
Croatia Kuwait Qatar United Arab Emirates
Czech Republic Latvia Russia (for unlimited time) United Kingdom
Cuba (for unlimited time) Liechtenstein Saudi Arabia Uzbekistan (for 60 days)
Denmark Lithuania Singapore Vatican
Estonia Luxembourg Slovakia Vietnam (for unlimited time)

For more information:

Email to ITMC: itmc(at)