Visa Regulations

Citizens of 61 developed countries can travel to and throughout Kyrgyzstan without a visa for a certain period of time. 

Travellers who are not eligible for visa-free travel can obtain tourist visas for single- or double-entry for up to 3 months in any diplomatic missions abroad or upon arrival at the Manas International Airport (outside Bishkek). It is not possible to obtain this visa at land borders or in other airports.

For groups from countries without Kyrgyz diplomatic missions, it is possible to obtain Kyrgyzstan group tourist visas on paper (not in the travellers' passports) through the Department of Consular Services of MFA KR. These group tourist visas are issued for a minimum of 4 travellers and can be then delivered from Bishkek to the country of destination by courier service. In this case the group, all persons included on the visa, must enter, travel and exit the country together ( on the same dates, the same flights or land transport).

Kyrgyzstan has a visa-free program for citizens of the following countries for 60 days unless otherwise specified:

Armenia (for unlimited time) France Malaysia (for 30 days) Slovenia
Australia Georgia (for unlimited time) Malta South Korea
Austria Germany Moldova (for unlimited time) Spain
Azerbaijan (for unlimited time) Greece Monaco Switzerland
Bahrain Hungary Mongolia (for 90 days) Sweden
Belarus (for unlimited time) Iceland New Zealand Tajikistan
Belgium Ireland North Korea (for unlimited time) The Netherlands
Bosnia and Herzegovina Italy Norway Turkey (for 30 days)
Brunei Japan (for unlimited time) Poland Ukraine (for 90 days)
Canada Kazakhstan (for unlimited time) Portugal USA
Croatia Kuwait Qatar United Arab Emirates
Czech Republic Latvia Russia (for unlimited time) United Kingdom
Cuba (for unlimited time) Liechtenstein Saudi Arabia Uzbekistan (for 60 days)
Denmark Lithuania Singapore Vatican
Estonia Luxembourg Slovakia Vietnam (for unlimited time)

List of countries whose citizens can obtain Kyrgyz visa by personal request without visa invitation:

Republic of Albania   Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela  United Mexican States  Kingdom of Thailand 
 Principality of Andorra  State of Israel   Romania  Republic of the Philippines 
 Argentine Republic  Republic of Indonesia   Republic of San Marino Republic of Chile 
Republic of Bulgaria  Republic of Cyprus Republic of Serbia  Montenegro 
  Federative Republic of Brazil  Republic of Macedonia   Sultanate of Oman  Central African Republic

      Kyrgyzstan has a visa-regime(visa and visa invitation is required) for citizens of the following countries:

Islamic Republic of Pakistan                                                                       People's Republic of Bangladesh                                                                                             Arab Republic of Egypt                                                                                           Republic of the Union of Myanmar                                                              Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka                                                                                                                                                        
Islamic Republic of Iran  Republic of India  Republic of China  Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China  Turkmenistan 
Republic of Colombia  Federal Republic of Nigeria  Taiwan  Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal  Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan 
Country City Type of Mission Contact details
Europe, USA, Japan:
Austria Vienna Kyrgyz Embassy Naglergasse 25/5, Wien 1010
Tel: +43-1-535 03 78 / 79, Fax: +43-1-535 03 79 13
Belgium Brussels Kyrgyz Embassy 47 Rue de l'Abbaye, 1050, Bruxelles 1050
Tel: +32-2-640 38 83, Fax: +32-2-640 01 31
Germany Berlin Kyrgyz Embassy Otto-Suhr-Allee 146, Berlin 10585
Tel: +49-30-347 81338, Fax: +49-30-347 81362,
Germany Frankfurt-am-Main Consualte Grosse Eschenheimer Str. 43. Frankfurt 60313
Tel: +49-69-954 039 26
Switzerland Geneva Kyrgyz Embassy 26 Rue Maunoir, Geneva 1207
Tel: +41-22-707 92 24, +41-76-323 37 37, Fax: +41-22-70792 21
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern ireland London Kyrgyz Embassy Ascot House 119, Crawford St., London W1H 6BJ
Tel: +44-20-793 501 462, Fax: +44-20-793 57 449
USA Washington D.C. Kyrgyz Embassy 1001 Pennsylvania Avenue, Suite #600, NW Washington, D.C. 2004
Tel: +1-202-338 51 41, Fax: +1-202-338 51 39,
USA New York, NY Consulate for USA and Canada 866 UN Plaza, Suite 514, New York, NY 10017
Tel: +1-212-319 28 36, 486 46 54, Fax: +1-212-319 28 37
Japan Tokyo Kyrgyz Embassy 6-16, 5-chome, Shimomeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-0064
Tel: +81-3-3719 08 28, Fax: +81-3-3719 08 68
China Beijing Kyrgyz Embassy No. 2-4-1, Tayuan Diplomatic Office Building. Beijing 100600
Tel: +86-10-653 241 80, Fax: +86-10-653 264 59,
China Urumqi Visa Department of MFA KR Free Economic Zone "High and New Technology", Urumqi
Tel: +86-991-383 91 17, Fax: +86-991-383 10 67
India New Delhi Kyrgyz Embassy

C-93, Adnan Niketan, New Delhi-110021
Tel: +91-11-2410 80 08, Fax: +91-11-2410 80 09,

Islamic Republic of Iran Tehran Consulate P.O. code: 195 793 5611, Bldg. 12, 5th Naranjestan Alley, Pasdaran St., Tehran
Tel: +98-21-283 03 54, Fax: +98-21-228 17 20, E-mail:
Islamic Republic of Iran Meshhed Consulate Tel: +98-51-818 444
Islamic Republic of Pakistan Karachi Consulate General 15/1, Main Khayaban-e-Ghazi, Phase-V, Defence Officers, Housing Authority, Karachi
Tel: +92-21-537 44 47, Fax: +92-21-537 44 48,
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Kyrgyz Embassy No. 1 Lorong Damai Sepuluh, Kuala Lumpur 55000
Tel: +60-3-216 498 62, Fax: +60-3-216 320 24
Turkey Ankara Kyrgyz Embassy Turan Gunes Bulvari 15. Cadde No. 21, Yildiz/Oran-Ankara
Tel: +90-312-491 35 06, Fax: +90-312-491 35 07, E-mail:
Turkey Istanbul Consulate General Lamartin caddesi, No. 7, Taksim, Istanbul
Tel. +90-21-235 67 67, 235 37 37, Fax: +90-21-235 92 93 
CIS countries:
Belarus Minsk Kyrgyz Embassy 57 Starovilenskaya St., Minsk 220002
Tel: +375-17-234 91 17, Fax: +375-17-234 16 02
Kazakhstan Astana Kyrgyz Embassy

68A Amangeldy St., Almaty
Tel: +7-3172-242 024, Fax: +7-3172-242 414 

Kazakhstan Almaty Consulate 68A Amangeldy St., Almaty, Tel: +7-3272-78 44 45
Russia Moscow Kyrgyz Embassy 64 Bolshaya Ordynka St., Moscow 119017
Tel: +7-495-237 48 82, Fax: +7-495-951 60 62 
Russia Ekaterinburg Consulate General 105 Bolshakova St., Ekaterinburg 620094
Tel: +7-343-257 76 14, Fax: +7-343-257 76 14 
Ukraine Kiev Kyrgyz Embassy 51/50 Artema St., Kiev 252901
Tel: +380-44-246 88 89, 246 88 97, Fax: +380-44-246 88 89 
Uzbekistan Tashkent Kyrgyz Embassy 30 Samatova St., Tashkent 700000
Tel: +998-71-137 47 93, Fax: +998-71-120 72 94 
Tadjikistan Dushanbe Kyrgyz Embassy Dushanbe
Tel: +993-372-242 611, Fax: +993-372-242 611
Turkmenistan Ashgabat Kyrgyz Embassy 14 Gerogly St., Ashgabat, Turkmenistan 
Tel: +993-12-392 064, Fax: +993-12-355 506 

Kyrgyz visas can be obtained in Kyrgyz Embassies and Consulates in the following countries:

For more information about Consular issues you can visit  the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic and the website of the Department of Consular Services


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