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Lenin Peak guided ascent 2024


Best season: July – August

Mountaineering Expedition

Route description:

Lenin Peak, 7134m, Pamir mountains, Kyrgyzstan

Lenin Peak (7,134m) is one of easiest of the World peaks over 7000m. It’s situated in Zaalaisky Range of Pamir mountains on the border between Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. There is in biggest City of the region Osh International Airport. There is a 290 km road from Osh City to the Base Camp (BC) in Achiktash region. It goes via Osh – Gulcha village – Taldyk pass – Sary–Tash village – Kashka-Suu village – Achiktash district. 255 km of 290 are paved highway and 35 km is gravel road. Travel time by car is about 5-7 hours. At 2018 is Anniversary jubilee of 90 years first ascent. At 2018 July will be held by Kyrgyz Alpine Club Mountaineering Festival consecrate of the event .

Route description

3600m – ABCamp, 4300m.

It is possible to get from BC to Lukovaya polyana (onion glade) by foot or by car (6 km). From Lukovaya Glade the trail goes southwest along the rocky ridge up to the Puteshestvennikov pass (Travellers’ pass). The ascent takes about 1 – 1.5h. Further the trail goes downhill for 15-20 min and then for about 30-60 min it goes along the same ridge with a slight climb up to the crossing point. The crossing of the river is usually not a problem in the morning when the water level is not high and it is possible to cross by jumping over the stones. However, in the hot afternoon the water level is increasing and river crossing can become very difficult and dangerous. After the river the trail follows for 1.5 – 2 h on the moraines till ABCamp. In total it takes about 3-5 hours to get from BC till ABC.

АВС, 4300m – Camp 1 (С1), 5200m.

The trail to Camp 1 first goes in direction to the centre of the northern slope of Lenin peak then up to Lenin glacier and follows up to the beginning of ascent. This part of the glacier and moraines is rather flat. There are some scours and cracks which can be easily avoided. It takes about 45-60 min from ABC to the beginning of the ascent. The ascent follows icy northern slopes covered with ice with the angle of 15º -30º which at some parts become 40º. There are some deep wide crevasses which can be traversed. Narrow cracks can be jumped over or crossed by the snow bridges. After this part of the trail the path goes along the slope into syncline (5000m) and further along the slope in southwest and west direction into C1. Starting from the ascent and up to C1 it is necessary to proceed in rope team. The ascent time is 5-9 hours.

C1 (5200m) – C2, Razdelnaia (6148m)

From C1 the ascent goes to the left of rocks up to the shoulder of the range to Razdelnaia. The steepness of the slope is 15º-30º. C2 is situated on the left side in 100 meters from the Razdelnaya summit. The ascent takes up to 4-7 hours.

С2 (Razdelnaia). 6148m – the Lenin peak, 7134 m – С2.

Taking the climbers have good acclimatization it usually takes 1 day to hike from C1 up to the summit and back. First there is a short descent to the saddle between Razdelnaya and C3 of Lenin peak range. The ascent goes from the ridge up the snowy slope with occasional access to the rocks and narrow flat ridge up to the summit. To guarantee the successful ascent usually C3 is set up here at the altitude of 6400m. Further the trail takes up the ridge to the narrow 100m long ascent with 20º-30º steepness called “the knife”.

It is compulsory to use harness at this stage. Follow the ridge up to the pre-summit plateau (6900-7000m) and continue up to the summit along the flat snowy slopes and scree. Tour in the shape of Lenin bust is located a little bit lower of the summit, which is 100 m to southeast. The descent follows the acsent trail. It is strongly recommended for ascent to start off from C2 as early as possible, not later than 5 am. The time of ascent and descent is 10-14 hours.

Ascent tactics.

Technically the route is not difficult, but summiting depends on the choice of tactics. Among the main difficulties and hazards are the altitude, crevasses, avalanches and bad weather. Proper acclimatization becomes of the main significance. Climbing experience of the Lenin peak proves that the most appropriate acclimatization is 2 goes with 1-2 nights in C1 and C2 and descend to the BC for good rest.

The ascent during acclimatization should be consecutive to the increasing altitude. Acclimatization hikes should start very early – before 5 am. Start from C2 to summit is recommended don’t later 3 AM.

Acclimatization is often combined with transporting and setting up of intermediate camps. If mountaineers lack climbing experience at the altitude it is strongly recommended to go on acclimatization climbs with experienced mountain guides or instructors. Also if climbers do not feel confident in their strength and experience it is advised to set up additional camp at the altitude of 6400m.


Among the technical skills ensuring safety there are command of the language and skills on eliminating and minimizing different hazardous factors of the ascent. These are the following:

1) ice crevasses from ABC to C1 which require skills of climbing in rope team on the glaciers, crossing snow bridges over the crevasses, conducting search and rescue with disposed equipment and skills on self-rescue from crevasses;

2) skills of identifying avalanche hazard, crossing of the avalanche-prone slopes, search in avalanche, skills on operating avalanche trackers;

3) transportation of the injured person using disposed equipment;

4) first aid skills. For ensuring the effective search and rescue operation it is necessary to register with the relevant rescue company (www.rescue.travelasia.kg ) at least 1 month before the climbing and also possess the proper insurance policy (up to EUR30000) covering possible rescue works.




Day 1

July 21

International flight to Osh.

Day 2

July 22

Transfer Osh – Achik-Tash Base Camp (3700m).

Base Camp Tents

Day 3

July 23

Acclimatization, trekking around

Base Camp Tents

Day 4

July 24

Camp 1 – ABC  (4200m)

Advanced Base Camp Tents

Day 5

July 25

ABC (4200m)

Advanced Base Camp Tents

Day 6

July 26

ABC (4200 m) –  Camp 2 (5300m)

High altitude tents

Day 7

July 27

ABC (4200m)

Advanced Base Camp Tents

Day 8

July 28

ABC (4200 m) – Camp 2 (5300m)

High altitude tents

Day 9

July 29

Mt. Razdelnaya (6100m)

Day 10

July 30

ABC (4200m)

Advanced Base Camp Tents

Day 11

July 31

ABC (4200 m)

Advanced Base Camp Tents

Day 12

August 1

Camp 2 (5300 m)

High altitude tents

Day 13

August 2

Camp 3 (6100m)

Day 14

August 3

Camp 4 (6400m)

Day 15

August 4

Ascent to Lenin peak, Descent to (6100m)

Day 16

August 5

Camp 2 (5300m) or ABC (4200m)

Advanced Base Camp Tents

Day 17

August 6

Base Camp (3700m)

Base Camp Tents

Day 18

August 7

Transfer to Osh.

Sun Rise Hotel

Day 19

August 8

Departure by morning flight.

Prices for 2024

Program Osh – Osh – USD 2200 per person

Services included in standard program Osh-Osh:

  •  Visa support (if required)
  •  Registration with passport department OVIR (if required)
  •  Border permit and delivery of the permit to Osh or Base Camp
  •  Registration with local Rescue Service
  •  Certificate of ascent issued by Kyrgyz Alpine Club
  •  English speaking mountain guide – instructor *
  •  Airport transfers in Osh
     Transfers Osh – Achik-Tash (Base Camp) – Osh
  •  Accommodation:
    – – in Osh: Guest House – 1 night including Breakfast
    – – in Base Camp: Tents on two people sharing basis + warm mattresses

– – in Advanced Base Camp: Tents on two people sharing basis

– – in Camp 2 (5200m): High altitude tent (double sharing basis)

  •  Full board at Base Camp (3700m)
  •  Full board at Advanced Base Camp (4200m)
  •  Dehydrated meal for ascent period + gas + gas stove


  •  Summer Shower in Base Camp
  •  Outdoor toilet
  •  Storage service
  •  Electricity supply / Solar panels in Base Camp and Advanced Base Camp to charge batteries
  •  Mess tent / Yurt in the Base Camp (3700m) & Advanced Base Camp (4200m)
  •  Ascent / Route consultation with experienced Guides
  •  Assistance with changing departure dates of air tickets. (This does not include fees charged by the Airline; the client must pay these)


*Note: Guide accompany group, provide ascent/route consultation and help to choose tactics for ascent. 2

Service available at extra cost (not included in standard programs):           

  • Transfer / flight from Almaty to Bishkek and Osh.
  •  Domestic flight Bishkek-Osh-Bishkek US$ 60 – 120 / return way 

Note: Kyrgyz Airlines reserves the right to change air fare without prior notice.

  • Accommodation in Bishkek:
  • Hotel 3*, standard twin/double room US$ 60, standard single room US$ 50 incl. breakfast

Note: Prices for Hotels 2*, 4*, 5*, Guest Houses and Apartments are available by request.

  • Meals in Osh and Bishkek
     Extra meals in Base Camp (3700m) – US$ 25 per person per day
  •  Extra meals in Advanced Base Camp (4200m) -US$ 40 per person per day
  •  Bar
  • Camping gas (propane / butane), screw type -US$ 9 per new canister (230gr), US$ 4/refilled canister

Note: Empty canisters have to be returned to the Base Camp

  • Horse (BC to ABC, 4200m) – US$ 3 per kg (up to 50 kg)
  •  Porterage service
  • ABC (4200m) – Camp 2 (5100m)           US$   8 per kg (up to 15 kg)                 
  • Camp 2 (5200m) – Camp 3 (6100m)      US$ 10 per kg (up to 15 kg)                 
  • Camp 3 (6100m) – Camp 4 (6400m)      US$ 15 per kg (up to 10 kg)     
  • Rent of satellite phone to take for ascent (safety deposit $ 400 is required):    US$ 10 per day

(Thuraya airtime is charged extra)

  • Use of sat phone in ABC is free of charge, cost of calls and sms only are paid: US$ 4 / minute, US$ 2 / sms.
  •  Acclimatization program for Lenin Peak in Kyrgyz Range on Ak-Sai Glacier
  •  Trekking and Horseback riding in the area of Lenin Peak
  •  Excursions in Osh, Bishkek, on Issyk-Kul Lake, Sonkul Lake and others


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