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Medical Insurance


For tourists going on adventure trips – trekking, mountain biking, ski touring, heli-skiing and mountaineering programmes – we strongly recommend they have medical insurance to the value of EUR 30 000, which also covers helicopter evacuation costs.

Kyrgyzstan has no state Mountain Rescue Service that engages free mountain rescue services.  Thus in case of emergency, mountain rescue services can be provided to an injured person or persons only on the basis of prepayment or a guarantee of payment. Proper medical insurance can be such a guarantee of payment.

We kindly ask all clients booking adventure trips and expeditions, to send us a copy of their insurance policy 2 weeks prior to arrival in Kyrgyzstan. We require the following information: 1.Name and date of birth of the insured person, 2.Details of the insurance plan – what is covered and to what amount, 3. Contact information of the insurance company.

As soon as information on insurance is received we register tourists and climbers with the local private Mountain Rescue Service (registration it is free). Then in case of emergency, search, rescue, evacuation and transportation can be organised as soon as possible after insurance details and confirmation of payment have been checked and confirmed.

Note: The Mountain Rescue Service in Kyrgyzstan does NOT accept the insurance policies of the «Allianz – Tiriac» insurance company  and Mondial Assistance GmbH as of November 1, 2013,  due to an unpaid rescue mission.

This means that any policy of «Allianz – Tiriac»  and Mondial Assistance GmbH will NOT be a guarantee of payment  in case of emergency situations.

We strongly advise travel agents and climbers who plan mountain expeditions, climbing and high altitude trekking in Kyrgyzstan , to pay close attention to their choice of insurance company.

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